Ga Samai Meanings

Ga Samai

In many African communities, symbols are used as a means of expressing certain messages or enforcing particular virtues, especially those that were seen as vital to the survival and development of a community.

Adinkra symbols from the Akan people are widely know, are displayed in various forms, the Ga Dangme people (located in the South of Ghana, around the Capital, Accra) also have symbols, known as the Ga Samai. (Ga Symbols). The Ga Samai focused on the understanding of individual’s experiences, which informs ones development and involvement within the community, while providing rich concepts, sayings and proverbs as forms of communications.

The discovery of the Ga Samai continues as many may have been lost through the years.

Okaikoi will continue to share the beauty of the Ga Samai and its unique meanings to the world.

Atsiki Oyi 






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